Our engagement

Our company supports social and cultural institutions:



punkte Rotary Hilfswerk

punkte Hospiz Nordheide

punkte Verein für Verkehrssicherheit

punkte Freundeskreis Buxtehude


Exhibition of the artist Gerhard Quade

Gerhard Quade (83 †), has shaped the art scene in the Buxtehude area. A selection of his pictures hang in our headoffice in Buxtehude.


"Altes Land" Culture Foundation

Through our donations we support the work of the „Altes Land“ Culture Foundation. Since its establishment in 1990 the culture foundation has promoted the maintenance of the Altländer culture heritage.


The young wrestlers of SC Siegfried in Kleinostheim

Through our donations we support the young wrestlers of SC-Siegfried. The origins of wrestling in Kleinostheim goes back to 1910.


St. Petri Church Choir of Buxtehude

Through our donations we support the concerts of the St. Petri Church.